A message from VP – American

To the Members of BCFOA,

I would like to introduce myself to the members of this association.  I feel it’s important that you know who I am and what I value.

As an individual I am committed to serve as the Vice-President of High School for the next two years.

I can say that my experiences for the past 35 years provided the skill for this role.

I am recently retired as a school Principal and held many leadership roles at the executive level for Langley Principals Association as well as serving on the Professional Development Committee at the Provincial Level.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be associated with a number of organizations at an executive level.  For example, Vice President of B.C. High School Football,
President of B.C. Flag Football, President of Simon Fraser Football Alumni Association,  Former Director of Football B.C. and currently the Director of Langley School District Foundation.

My philosophy is very simple.  If you want to make positive change then get involved.  This has served me well through out my life. As the V.P. of High School for this association I am committed to the following:

  1. To lead in a collaborative way.
  2. Continue to build and grow capacity within the membership.
  3. Continue to build a positive culture.
  4. Continue to improve communications to the membership, coaches and players.Continue to set expectations and have individuals accountable
  5. Continue to set expectations and have individuals accountable

If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to comunicate to me.


Frank Roberto

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