A Message on Social Media

Further to the message on social media.
Sorry that I had to make a quick “decree” but it was important to get the message out quick.  As officials we should never discuss or make comments on our games on social media.  We need to always remain impartial.  If coaches wish to question parts of a game they have proper avenues to do so in a professional and respectful manner.  Every league and level of football has a system in place for this. Social media is not that place.  However, we cannot stop the public from making comments. But we must remain professional.  I have received numerous emails which I have saved. I have not responded to any of them as I won’t stoop to that level. The tone in all of them was unprofessional.  If any of them are from coaches, I will be dealing with that through the proper channels.
The game of football is played by people, coached by people and officiated by people. That means that there is never going to be perfection.  Mistakes are made by all involved.  We just have to look to pro sports and the number of challenges and instant replays that occur every game.   Trust me when I say after 37 years, there will always be missed calls.  All we as officials can do is the best we can and remain focused for the games.
If anyone wishes to discuss this further please give me a shout.
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