Bill Diett Award Criteria

Bill Diett Sportsmanship Award Criteria

10 – Excellent game played with no personal or unsporting fouls.

1 point deductions for:

  • Sideline warning
  • Sideline Interference
  • Players/coaches always asking for penalty calls
  • Voicing disagreements or displeasure with calls made
  • Teammates bickering with each other
  • Profanity not penalized as a foul
  • Throwing helmet, spiking football, or other equipment
  • Poor crowd control, safety and security of officials and spectators
  • Excessive celebration

3 points deducted for:

  • Any Unfair acts per Rule Book Section 9-4 including but not limited to:
  • Targeting-Leading with the helmet personal fouls
  • Charging into or throwing a defenseless player to the ground who is obviously out of the play
  • Unsporting fouls called for taunting, baiting, profanity, gestures

Highest points possible out of 10 if the following occurs:

1 point if a Coach or player is ejected from the game

0 – Game is forfeited