Bridge Tolls

Bridge Tolls 2015

Policy – BCFOA Executive has approved a policy and claims form for members to request reimbursement of toll charges on the Golden Ears and Port Mann bridges.

Members will register their vehicle with the TREO (Port Mann) Translink (Golden Ears) to ensure that the lowest rates will be charged to them.

BCFOA will reimburse members for the lowest toll rate charge to passenger vehicles.

The Executive will meet in June each year to decide if an adjustment to the toll fees are necessary. The executive will ensure the claim form is adjusted if required.

As we start the 2015 Season, I want to be clear on the Toll Claim process to everyone.

(1) Toll charges can only be recovered from BC High School Football Games (Excluding Jamborees).  Currently, no other league contract has a provision for Toll Cost Recovery.  We don’t get reimbursed for Lions Games, CIS/GNAC and Community Games.

(2) Toll charges must be submitted using the form on this page.

(3) The data on the form must be correct and must match your Arbiter Games data.  Games that don’t match will be removed.  We have well over 100 officials and thousands of games and only ONE treasurer.  I am not, repeat NOT, searching to find the correct game that should be charged a toll.  You enter it wrong, I skip it and the toll will not be recovered.

(4) Toll Claim Form must be submitted to the Treasurer’s Email Account by midnight of the cut-off date (listed on the form) following the month that the toll occurred.  Don’t send it to my shaw or work account, it will be deleted.

FYI…The school’s invoices will be prepared in advance and once the cut-off happens, the invoices with all those tolls that make the deadline will be emailed to the schools.  We are not re-invoicing schools for people that provide us with late Claim Forms.

(5) The treasurer will acknowledge the receipt of your claim form via email.  Get it in early, so if I tell you that there are 2 games wrongs on the list, you have time to correct and send back.  But once the 11th hits…  The invoices are GONE!

(6) Failure to submit your claim on time or on the proper form, will result in your claim not be able to be paid.

(7) Only when an Official has exceeded $100,00 in toll charges will a cheque be issued in advance of the December payment period.

NOTE: BCFOA reserves the right to request a print off from TREO for toll charges that seem to be out of line or not consistent with the information we have.

Craig Nichols, Treasurer BC Football Officials Association Cellular: 778-688-1187

requires Microsoft Excel or compatible program:  Tolls-Excel-2015