The information distributed November 5th has been updated. This info is also posted in the high school education section as a pdf.

BCFOA Play-off Information November 6th 2018

  1. Please update your Arbiter and block off times you are not available as otherwise you might not get more games.
  1. Play-off Committee members are: Mark Newlove and Dave Sullivan. Walter Becker will attend to receive the allocation lists. VP – Frank Roberto will observe.
  1. November 9 Round 1 AAA Varsity games will be played at the home venue of the higher seed. November 10 Round 1 AA Varsity games will all be played outside Metro Vancouver. Quarter- final games & semi-final games at both AA and AAA Varsity will be played at BC Place.   JV AA games begin Wednesday November 8 and Thursday, November 9 at the home field of the higher seed unless they do not have an artificial turf playing surface.  AAA JV games begin the following week.
  1. BC Place Parking is not provided. Please carpool if possible or use Skytrain and submit your receipt to the treasurer Gord Masi. Parking lot next to Costco is inexpensive.
  1. Officials Room will be open – Enter through EAST AIRLOCK Entrance.
  1. Officials should be at all Varsity games, Evening JV Games, and JV Weekend games at least 1 hour before game time. Mid-week afternoon games at least a half hour before game time. Please contact your Referee is you are going to be late.
  1. Baden Balls are the official game balls for ALL levels. Teams may use their own as long as they are properly inflated and pebbles are in good condition.
  1. Home Team will supply the stick crews AND DECIDE SIDELINES for all games until Subway Bowl Saturday. (BCHS will inform the crew which sideline the home team will use.)
  1. Ties – At Burnaby Lakes overtime will be played at the end where teams enter the field.  At BC Place we will use the west side. At other venues determine an end when you do the field check. Teams will then only have to choose offense or defense first.
  1. Teams will be on opposite sides of the field at BC Place. The Home team decides the side of the field they wish to have their bench.
  1. We are going to insist that the sticks be on the clock side.
  1. At Burnaby Lakes cones placed in the end zone will be used for the hash marks.
  1. Half-time will be 15 minutes unless games are behind schedule or teams have ferries to catch. Jamie Rennie or member of the committee will notify us.
  1. If a player is to be disqualified do not signal the thumbs up ejection signal. Just escort them to the sideline and inform the coach that the player is not to return to the field.
  1. Mercy Rule will be in effect according to the same principles and procedures as in league play.
  1. The Finals will be played at BC Place on December 1. (5 games starting 8:30 a.m.)
  1. BCFOA will supply the Stick crews for the Finals.
  1. The dressing rooms must be vacated at half-time for the working crew to have their meeting. As a general rule we do not use the dressing room until the working officials have vacated at half-time. Leave on your own so that the working crew doesn’t need to ask.
  2. The Press Box is for the working timers. It is out of bounds for all officials.

21. NO alcohol in the stadium. (Brien is looking into an area for the officials to watch the games)

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