Jacket Order Information – Drew Parkinson

Fellow officials,

Not only is the form valuable for updating our information about the members but also will determine which officials meet the criteria for receiving a jacket.  Again, to receive a jacket, at no cost to current members, they will need at least 5 years of officiating.  Anyone else can pay for their jacket at our cost (as discussed at our executive meeting of last Sunday).  Officials, on the attached form, will provide me with their first name, last name, jersey number (if known), address, city, postal code, home phone number, cell phone number, years of officiating and jacket size.  The form is in “Excel 2013” so, hopefully, everyone will be able to access it. I’ve also included it as a “PDF” file…just in case someone has trouble opening the Excel file.   For their information, the jacket is a:

Coal Harbour  J7603 jacket provided by Ball Park Sports Inc.  The website is:


The information needs to come back to me at  dms-metro@bcfoa.ca   ,as soon as possible, so we can place the order for the jackets.


Drew Parkinson
Director Of Member Services, Lower Mainland

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