High Rule Change for 2018

Fellow officials,

Rule change for 2018 – Uniforms. Update.

Please read over.


Frank Roberto   VP American High School.


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Canadian Exam – Due Date

Fellow officials,

The Canadian exam must be completed by July 15, 2018. The exam is to be submitted to:

bcfoa50@gmail.com – answer response only.


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Canadian Exam – CFOA Examination

All Canadian officials,

The CFOA Exam is now available. Please follow the directions and submit your answer sheet only to bcfoa50@gmail.com.

2018 English version CFOA exam


Icon retro style illustration of a Canadian football referee,head linesman, down judge or line judge calling a touchdown with Canada maple leaf flag set inside circle on isolated background.

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Canadian Rule is online!

Fellow officials,

A copy of the Canadian Rule Book to download.



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7 on 7 Volunteer Officials Needed – Lower Mainland Only

Officials of the Lower Mainland,

A few of our schools are having a combined practice on May 31st. 5 schools will be involved. This will not be a jamboree, it is a formal practice for recruiting exposure purposes. There will be a 20 min skelly period and a 30 min team period, we thought it might be a good idea to get 2-3 officials. We will only be using half a field for the scrimmage portion as the other half will be used for practices. Let me know if you are interested. Might be a good training exercise for your guys too. 3:30 at Mercer Stadium. Skelly starts at 4:15, so you wouldn’t be needed until then. The whole thing ends at 5:30




There is no mention of payment or compensation!

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