Penalty inside 2 Minutes

Please read a point of clarification on the last 2 minutes.

There has been some confusion with respect to the new rule regarding the coaches option on penalties inside the last 2 minutes of the half. Please follow this procedure, as discussed earlier in our clinics. Do not stop the game to notify coaches of the 2 minute time.
The ref at coaches meeting tell both coaches about the new rule and then tell them that it is their responsibility to advise the official on his sideline if he wants to have the clock started on the snap following a penalty against his opponent within the last 2 minutes of either half. If the sideline official is advised that the clock should start on the snap, he simply verbalizes this to the referee before the ready for play whistle is sounded. The ref then signals ready for play on the snap rather than winding on the ready. The official on the other sideline should be prepared to advise the coach on his side that the clock will start on snap as per the new rule.
This would ensure that we have made coaches aware but also ensured that we are not stopping the game to get a decision when the situation arises. It puts the onus on coaches to exercise their option and it also assures that officials are aware of the rule by verbalizing it at the start of every game.
Thanks ,
Mark Newlove

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