Safety Issue – Covering Knees with Pads

Fellow officials,

Please read the following safety issue regarding knee pads.

  • Rule 1-5-e states “Pants which completely cover the knees, thigh guards and knee pads and any portion of any knee brace that does not extend below the pants”.

We have had a number of emails from coaches complaining that there seems to be no enforcement of this or any of the Player Equipment rules.


Remember that when a coach confirms that his players are properly equipped, it is NOT an abdication of our responsibility and we cannot ignore violations.


If a violation is noted, the player is to be sent off the field to correct this and cannot return until he does. If a second event happens regarding this rule, the head coach is subject to an unsporting foul. A third event in the same game will result in a second unsporting foul on the coach and he will be ejected from that game at that point.

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