Special AGM – Message from Nigel Bushe

Special AGM 2018-07-22

Fellow Officials

Over the past year work has been on going to create an association constitution that meets the new Societies Act.  The deadline for us to have the final approved documents submitted to the Province is Nov 1st, 2018.  To meet this tight timeline we scheduled a Special AGM for the a/n date.  Notice went out in late June as well as the documents that required review.  Association money was expended for the facility, arrangements were made for online call in and travel costs for members outside of the LM were provided.

We required a third of our membership (fifty) to attend in person or online to have a quorum.  We must have 75% approval at the Special AGM for the documents to be accepted by the Province.  Only 8 people took the time to attend with no one using the online method.  As a result the meeting was adjourned. The members that attended had some questions which were discussed and explained.

Very disappointing!!

This is a very important matter for our association. I know the timing for a July meeting was not best but we have some time lines that have to be met.  Anyone could have used the online “join me” program if they could not attend.  The invite for that system went out to everyone but no one used it.

We have scheduled another meeting for Aug 28th at 1830(6:30PM) hrs at Holy Cross.  This coincides with the first American clinic.  This meeting should only be about an hour if people take the time to read the documents. If there are questions we ask that you submit them in advance which will also help to expedite the meeting.  Those who cannot attend please use the “join me” app.  Another invite will be sent for that.

C’mon guys we need to get this done, everyone’s participation is needed.



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