State of BCFOA – Summer Update

A message from the President – Nigel Bushe


To all officials,

We are half way through the year and hopefully everyone is gearing up for your respective leagues. Exams I know are out on the Canadian side and should be out on the American side soon.  Please get into your books and do the exams.  It is a great learning tool to start thinking football.

Congrats to Clarke Raffin for his selection to the U16 westerns in Edmonton and Tyrus Hawkins to the Canada Cup in Calgary.

Frank Roberto and Sandy Bains have been working to get their respective areas going. Frank was working to align the organizational structure to mirror the Canadian side and get people into key roles for education coordination and evaluation.  Sandy has helped with the organization of clinics (more on that later) However, his key role has been dealing with the new contracts for community ball on the Island and Interior as well as the BCFC contract. All contracts will see a small increase in fees over the next three years.  The travel expenses have all been increased and in some areas you will see a significant increase.

The executive and primarily Rob Kozak have been keeping our finances in line with the resignation of Craig Nichols.  We had some issues getting a replacement.  I am happy to announce that Gord Masi stepped up and will be our treasurer for the remainder of this year.  Thanks Gord!!.


By now most of you have received your new BCFOA jackets.  Thanks to Frank Roberto for getting this organized and Drew for organizing the actual order from all you folks. Some of you have also received the new challenge coin as well as our new pin. I have seen a lot of coins from other associations across the country and this one I feel is the best one out there. The simpler associations have the word “heads” on one side of the coin and “tails” on the other.  We have left it up to you decide.  lol.

The jackets, coins and pins were in part created as a payback for officials and all their time they put into the game. I hope this will instill additional pride in our association. Enjoy them. If you are wondering what a challenge coin is:

Traditionally military, police and special organizations have a unit coin or token. Over the last 10 to 15 years it has become a very big item as the cost to produce them has come way down. When visiting another unit you place your coin on the bar.  If anyone cannot produce their unit’s coin the round is on them.  If everyone produces a coin…..the round is on you. Thus the challenge. 

Special AGM

This is very important for everyone to attend or take part on-line.  (Jul 22) This meeting is to discuss and seek support for our new constitution. This change has to be made so we are aligned with the new BC Provincial Societies act.  Rod Fehr has done stellar work to put this together for us. Thanks Rod!! (wow saying thanks to a lawyer, what has happened to me)

Take time to read the documents that were posted. I know a contentious issue was the fee structure.  That has been redone and I believe it is fair and better reflects the needs of the organization. Changes in regards to year end AGMs and length of term for Executives are also part of the package to meet the new requirements.


A clinic was scheduled in the spring for new American officials.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to low interest. I know Frank is working to have the regular clinics coming up very soon and will have something out on that. Your season is just a few weeks away!

A level 4 (Junior and University level) Canadian 2 day clinic was held this spring.  We are not sure when the last one was held but it was certainly needed to get our people certified for the levels they are officiating. Thanks to Carey on this one.

Several Level 1 Canadian clinics were conducted throughout the Province. (Prince George, Van Island and upcoming in the LMD) The BCPFA asked us to assist on the Island and PG.  Although many of these officials will not be part of the BCFOA we agreed to provide the training as we are part of the BCPFA and we also happen to have the Football Canada trained facilitators. It is hoped this will be a way to recruit new people into our association. Thanks need to go to Carey Anderson as a facilitator and Heith Eddleston as a coordinator.  Also thanks Grant Renton for doing the Island clinic.

The BCPFA has agreed to provide money to cover the costs associated with this and other training.


The BC Provincial Football Association is our provincial sports organization (PSO). The president of the BCFOA serves on the Board of directors as a voting member. My relationship with Frank Naso, their president, has already proven to be beneficial for us. He comes to me on a regular basis for all officiating concerns as well as providing us with funding. As an example, we have had discussions about Flag joining the BCFOA.  This was just discussions as I am cautious we don’t inherit their problems.  Flag has joined BCPFA as an associate member for this year which we agreed to vote yes to. That means they have access to the PSO insurance but no voting rights. Flag may be a way for us to attract some new officials.

We have had several requests for flag officials for special events sanctioned by our PSO and Football Canada.  Most recently for U16 in Regina and U18 in Halifax. As we are a full member of the PSO we get first chance at these events. If anyone is interested in putting together and maintaining a contact list for these requests please let me know.

We have had concerns over our officials partaking in non-sanctioned games.  These are games that being organized by groups that are not part of Football Canada nor our PSO. It is important to understand about this as our CFOA insurance covers only sanctioned events / games.  A separate message in regards to that has been posted.

Insurance and CFOA

As an executive for the CFOA I attended the CFOA conference in Niagara Falls.  Sandy Bains represented the BCFOA. Overall the conference had lots of good info and discussion with some excellent speakers.  They followed some of our format from the 2014 conference with panel discussions.  Next conference in 2020 will be in Calgary.

Thanks to those that took part in the CFOA survey.  That gave us a pretty good idea on what is important to the membership in making the CFOA relevant today.

Insurance was discussed within the CFOA executive. Our current coverage is composed of three areas:

  1. Sports participant liability
  2. Management liability (directors) This may also cover all executives for all member associations
  3. General Liability (5 million) Rentals, special events and so on.

It was noted that our coverage could be better for number one. Our policy is due for renewal at the end of July.  It is being reviewed with several upgrades being looked at. Once we have it finalized it will be posted on our website.  ***new website is***

Final thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read through this.  I have no doubt I probably missed a few things as we had a lot going on. I know all of you have started your dry land training.  I saw Heith driving his mid-life crisis car so he is doing his part already.

But seriously, I wish everyone a good injury free season. If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.  A reminder for the mid-year AGM on July 22nd.

Thx,  Nigel

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